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The Stem Advancement Inc. Experience

STEM Advancement Inc. offers a complete package of ESSA approved curriculums, materials, workbooks, and teachers guides, waiting to be assembled based on your specifications, budget and your Title IV A funding.

Custom Curriculum

STEM advancement has developed a one-of-a-kind curriculum  designed to be easily  integrated in to any classroom setting.

Textbooks and Materials

The STEM package includes all the textbooks and course materials necessary for students to learn and  participate.

Teacher Training

STEM Advancement provides full training and teacher support to ensure that your staff has the know-how in the classroom.

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Students Speak

Our female students sign up for optional high school STEM courses​
Girls in STEM 50%
Our students felt they understood the content they learned in this course​
Easy to Understand 80%
Our students feel the hands-on learning really helped them learn the content​
Hands-On 75%

Educators Speak

By the time a public school student completes the 8th grade he/she is required by New York State Education Department (SED) to achieve 1 Unit of Study in Technology Education (TE). STEM Advancement, Inc. (SAI), provides a rigorous middle-level curriculum, with resources and committed professional development support. SAI is a sound TE/STEM solution for both progressive and struggling NY middle schools invested in student achievement.
Dr. Subrina Oliver
Director of STEM for K-12
Every day when I walk into class, my students look eagerly to see what I'm bringing in this time. They love the fun learning activities! This curriculum is full of creative ideas to get the students to learn in a fun way.
Nechama Rappaport
Science Instructor

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